Maine Area Code, United States

Find the real owner of someone with a 207 Maine area code


Maine attained statehood in 1820 when it seceded from Massachusetts. It has become a favorite vacation destination for its picturesque landscape and unhurried pace of life. The New England State is home to over 1.3 million people who live there and run businesses. Having a phone number in Maine is important for personal communication and running a business. However, it also exposes residents to scams and unsolicited calls from unknown callers. One way to avoid these inconveniences is by performing a reverse phone lookup on the Maine phone number database before talking to a strange caller. 

Compiling phone numbers in a directory began with white pages. Phone companies would routinely compile and publish a book that lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people and businesses in a town or city block. However, these directories did not always contain recent listings and were often trashed or defaced. Moving phone number listings from books to online databases has largely eliminated these drawbacks. 

But what makes reverse phone lookup accurate?  Phone number lookups are accurate because phone numbers are unique to their registered owners. 

Take the typical Maine phone number, 207-NXX-XXXX, for example. The first set of digits, 207, is the area code. Maine has used this area code since the North American Numbering Plan was created in 1947. The next set of digits, NXX, is the prefix code, which specifies the particular street where the phone number owner resides. Finally, the last set of digits, XXXX, is the line number. It is unique to a specific owner. So, if a Maine phone number were to be a house address, the line number would be a specific flat number or house number. 

Phone numbers in Maine can share the same area code and prefix code. However, a line number is always unique to a specific person or business. No two individuals can have the same line number—although you may find out that several persons have owned the same number in the past. A reverse phone lookup will turn up the names and addresses of these persons. 

CountyFIPS codeCounty seatEstablishedPopulationArea
Androscoggin County001Auburn1854111,139497 sq mi
Aroostook County003Houlton183967,1056,829 sq mi
Cumberland County005Portland1761303,0691,217 sq mi
Franklin County007Farmington183829,4561,744 sq mi
Hancock County009Ellsworth179055,4782,351 sq mi
Kennebec County011Augusta1799123,642951 sq mi
Knox County013Rockland186040,6071,142 sq mi
Lincoln County015Wiscasset176035,237700 sq mi
Oxford County017Paris180557,7772,175 sq mi
Penobscot County019Bangor1816152,1993,556 sq mi
Piscataquis County021Dover-Foxcroft183816,8004,377 sq mi
Sagadahoc County023Bath185436,699370 sq mi
Somerset County025Skowhegan180950,4774,095 sq mi
Waldo County027Belfast182739,607853 sq mi
Washington County029Machias179031,09531,095
York County031Alfred1652211,9721,271 sq mi